What we do


Hybrid Pharma is able to provide the healthcare industry with various sterile and non-sterile compounded medications.

cube     Our experience and expertise allows us to formulate and deliver these medications to healthcare providers and we contribute to the overall wellness of the patient. Over the years Hybrid Pharma developed, tested and marketed several sterile as well as non sterile pharmaceutical formulations. Ultimately, not only do we provide the community with medications they need, but we are also able to provide patients with the means to heal and lead healthier lives.


cube     We are equipped to serve patients, clinics, hospitals and outpatient infusion centers with intramuscular injections, intravenous infusions, subcutaneous injections and therapeutic injections.


cube     As a traditional compounding pharmacy, we will be able to compound drugs based on prescriptions as regulated by the state Board of Pharmacy. As the 503b registered outsourcing facility we follow the standards set under 503B compliance rules and the compounding is done under federal license and by licensed pharmacists. As 503B registered outsourcing facility, we follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practices requirements.


cube     During a drug shortage, many patients are unable to receive medications that may be optimal for the treatment of their condition. We will compound medically necessary products to fill in the gap.


As leaders and advocates of health, we will incorporate our scientific inquiry and diverse skill set to serve the community and contribute to the healthcare delivery system.


To provide medications of the highest quality and purity to the healthcare industry.

Our Strength :

cube    Applying the regulations and standards set for large scale commercial pharmaceutical manufacturers to pilot scale pharmaceutical compounding.


cube    Hybrid Pharma is a specialty compounding pharmacy with  customized medications to meet the specific requirements of the patients as prescribed by the physician.


cube  With our retail pharmacy license, we can also dispense commercial medications with a prescription, over the counter medications and nutraceuticals.


cube   Our pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and chemists have extensive and diverse experiences and are very knowledgeable in their respective fields. Our experience includes, but is not limited to: community pharmacy retail, compounding specialty medications, clinical research, polymer and pharmaceutical chemistry. With our combined knowledge and experience we can contribute a variety of services and products to the evolving field of medicine as well as the patient.